R Package for importing and analyzing ego-centered-network data.


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When analyzing ego-centered network data it is common to either include or exclude data on ego. By default egor excludes ego for most analytic and visual functions and offers to include ego with the argument include.ego. In order for egor to automatically detect which ego-level variables correspond to the alter-variables, the variables on the different levels need to be named exactly the same. Alternatively the functions that have an include.ego argument have additional arguments that allow to specify the name of the ego-level variable in question.


Till Krenz, egor@tillt.net

Pavel Krivitsky, pavel@uow.edu.au

Michał Bojanowski m.bojanowski at icm.edu.pl

Andreas Herz, herzand@uni-hildesheim.de

Raffaele Vacca, r.vacca@ufl.edu