egor 0.21.01 2021-01-15

  • changed printing behavior of egor objects
  • EI() re-scaling can be turned off and ego can be included in EI calculation
  • improved plot_egograms() (i.e. node size scaling)
  • dplyr::rowwise() is now supported
  • new example data transnat and gss2004
  • ego-alter weights are now plotted correctly by plot_egographs()
  • several bugs fixed

egor 0.20.06 2020-06-12

  • we are now using the srvyr package to allow for survey designs being reflected in the egor object
  • adjustments to work with dplyr 1.0.0
  • feat: Added as.egor.nested_egor()
  • feat: added rowwise_egor()

egor 0.20.03 2020-03-02

  • fix: updated clustered_graphs() to work with tibble 3.0.0

egor 0.20.01 2020-01-27

  • feat: added count_dyads() function
  • feat: plot_ego_gram now uses plot_ego_graph for graph plotting
  • feat: added ego_constraint
  • fix: significantly sped up trim_aaties; hence most deplyr methods work much faster especially on big datasets
  • several fixes and improvements to plotting, importing and infrastructure